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July 11, 2011


Shirley @ gfe

I've read some of the Dalia Lama's wisdom before, Scott, and it always resonated with me. These words are golden nuggets for sure. Thanks so much for sharing them! I think the last one is my very favorite. Also, I absolutely love hearing how differently the audience behaved from those at most events with thousands of people--that fact makes sense, of course, but still, it's so good to hear!


Marlene Chism

Great article Scott, and it says so much about the power of focus and attention. There is always an energetic starting place with ever interaction and if we can become more intentional, there will be less drama.

Natanya Anderson

Thank you for summing up what you heard in an actionable way. If leadership across the world's major organizations took these ideas to heart I believe we'd have a happier and more effective global workforce.


I saw the Dalai Lama in Sun Valley, ID several years ago. The huge crowd spontaneously got quiet about 5 minutes before he came on stage. If more people learned how to spread good will and benevolence just by their mere presence, the world would be a far better place. Just being in his presence is a life-changing experience, and makes you try to be a more compassionate person (though he would probably say that there is no "try", there is only "do"). Thanks for the reminder!


Great #Management lessons from a peaceful mind & soul #Buddhism

Mary Jo Asmus

Thanks for this great post, Scott.

Your description of the Dalai Lama (his smile, his engagement with the crowd, the peacefulness of the attendees) reminds me very much of seeing Desmond Tutu a couple of years ago in my home town. He had a very similar demeanor - even after spending much of his life in prison!

I believe these wonderful people are at peace with themselves and it truly radiates to everyone around them. I think this may also be why you and I do what we do - to see people learn to be at peace with themselves - so they can then lead others well.


Great insights from the Dalai Lama. Stuff you wouldn't normally note about him, yet it really shows the human side of his role.

Thanks for sharing! I just tweeted the link out for all to enjoy!

David Belden


Having met the Dalai Lama in a very small group many years ago in Copenhagen, I concur with your observations of his powerful presence. Yes, we need to embrace the humility and benevolence, especially in leadership.

Thanks for spreading the word.

Scott Eblin

Thanks everyone for the comments and for sharing your experiences with and thoughts on the Dalai Lama. What a powerful spirit he has. Mary Jo, you'll be interested to know that Bishop Tutu introduced the Dalai Lama via video at the event I attended.

Sanjiv Chopra. Md.

The Dalai Lama truly embodies serenity , wisdom and compassion. He is a true leader.. humble ,authentic and inspiring.

Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful experience.

Paul Nicholas

This is magnificent and moving - at once both humbling and inspiring. I'm reminded of so much of what I've read of and by Gandhi. The gestures, words, behaviours and ideas of great souls like these dissolve barriers between people - "I" dissolves into "Us" - and we become truly human.

Sandy Mobley

Hi Scott,

As always, your musings are thought-provoking for me. What you see reflects who you are - warm, open hearted, generous, confident and humble. I am glad there are coaches who model what we want to see more of in organizations.

Scott Eblin

Thanks again to all who offered such thoughtful comments. And, Sandi, I'm blushing and could (and will) say the same things about you!




This is definitely the way to humanize the corporation - and boy, do we ever need it today!

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