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June 15, 2011


Joe Bradley

Each of the experts provide valuable advice and insight, but the majority of the comments state the obvious and are what we expect to hear and more importantly, what we want to hear.

Frankly, most of us reading the challenge are in the position of the four managers - we are not bad managers and have no history of performance issues. A lucky few of us are the two managers that will be retained and can be coached into key roles in the future. We all want to hear that Rob will be given the mandate to first define his strategy and then test the four managers ability to execute the strategy before he decides on their future.

I can pick out the gems of advice in each of the experts statements, but in my work on developing a leadership style, the comment that provided an unexpected insight and was the most thought provoking was Scott Eblin's regarding stakeholders:

"Rob needed to be casting his net more broadly to learn what other key stakeholders expect of his organization. Rob is not the only person who gets to define what success looks like for his organization. He needs to pay attention to what others think and then build a plan from there."

This comment will help me to focus on defining my stakeholders and developing a successful, sequenced strategy before executing in a vacuum.

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