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April 06, 2011


Christian Fey

I have found that I've had no problem getting C-level individuals to talk to me. I credit the fact that I have very high self esteem and am concise about what I need and want. So I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment. The fact is, when someone comes to me and doesn't know what they want, is unfocused, or can't get to their point in the first few minutes, my view of their personality is that they can't do the hard jobs. As you said, it requires making decisions and sticking by those decisions which are based on the good of all involved. Utilitarian ethics has its merits!

Thanks for this!

Leon Noone

G'Day Scott,
A useful and informative post. I've had a reasonable amount of experience in talking to CEOs. They have lots of balls to juggle.
I'd merely add that no matter how outrageous your recommendation, that the CEO sees it as something that's good for the business and will ultimately make like easier for he or she.

And you must talk their language to., whatever it is.



Scott Asai

How you say it is almost more important than what you're saying. 70% presentation 30% content.

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