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March 11, 2011


Lisa MacDonald

Great sugestions! I will suggest this informative post to friends and clients. :)

Nancy Collamer

Excellent post that will become required reading for my clients. I especially like step #5: "Clearly state what you're working on or trying to do." All too often people fail to articulate their needs easily, which inevitably undermines the effectiveness of the conversation. It is incumbent upon the networking party to connect-the-dots with compelling and concise language.

Kerry Dexter

it's implicit in several of your points, but I'd add be aware of taking time to listen. everyone speaks in a different cadence -- and listens at a different one as well. give time and space and now and then a bit of silence in a conversation for ideas to develop.


Excellent networking advice! I like that you put "thank-you" in a few times. That's a very important part as is follow up. Great article.

Here's one I did recently: 11 Rules for Networking Success: I'd love to know what you think!

Keep up the great work.

Kirk Baumann

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