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November 11, 2010


Gayle Ely

I am an assistant administrator for a govt field office. The administrator(head of staff)is the first female to be appointed to the position and has been an exceptional mentor for me. Over the 12 years I have worked with her, she has provided me with the opportunities she wishes she had had in order to prepare her for the administrator position. She has allowed me to travel with her and introduced me to many stakeholders in the industry we serve. She has allowed me to try new things in our organization and has been gracious enough to allow me to learn from my mistakes. As she now approaches retirement (no date is yet set), I reflect with gratitude on the ways in which she is leaving her legacy. Both I and our organization will benefit from her efforts.

eric dubbin

I worked with a supervisor in the National Park Service. He told of a custodian at one park when asked what drove him, he replied: "That people who visit the park never have to consider the cleanliness of the bathrooms. That they spend their time paying attention to the grandeur of the park and getting closer to their families. If I am successful, visitors can focus on why they came to visit and not be sidetracked by a dirty public area." He believed in the mission of his workplace. This true story is another example of why mindset matters.

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