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August 18, 2010


Kathy Reiffenstein


I can't tell you how many times I've had room set-ups that didn't agree with what I asked for! You offer some great tips for staying focused on what's really important -- the audience experience.

One thing I did when I used to facilitate a simulation that required a very specific room layout -- I had a diagram drawn of how the room should be set up, specific to each event, and provided it to the meeting planner or client along with the contract. It didn't always guarantee perfection, but I'm sure it prevented a lot of wrong configurations.


Dan Rockwell


I hear you man. It's always a throw of the dice. Only other presenters really understand how important setup is.

I recently read that presenters need to think about how they want the audience to feel during and after the presentation. I've taken that one to the bank.

YOu have my best regards,


Scott Eblin

Thanks Dan and Kathy for adding such useful advice. On the diagram idea, Kathy, just proves the point that a picture is worth a 1,000 words. Dan, I'm with you on the point about how the audience feels. I think your point about after is especially important.

Christopher Hopper

Most of my success has come by physically getting into the audiance. Because I work so much with youth, incorporating them into roll playing (whether Bible verses or public school assembly scenerios) is a great way to kick off or rally energy levels. Everyone loves seeing their friends get put on the spot, and it gives me a chance to make things fun.

Great, helpful post for keeping things in perspective. ch:

Scott Eblin

Thanks for chiming in Christopher. Glad to hear the role playing works for you. I haven't gone down that road myself - not sure my clients would be into it. Folks I work with really like peer to peer coaching opportunities.

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