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July 14, 2010


Diane-The WHOLE Gang

Yes, this is how we travel and the only thing that is really different is I can walk a little slower. The rest is still right on target and current. Of course there are so many more rules not even shared about getting to the airport, what seats we book, type of plane and the list goes on.

To me you do look similar to George, only he's Irish.


11. Schedule a pre-flight bathroom break in shifts, 35 minutes before take-off so as not to lose waiting area seats (think ORD Terminal 2) and to avoiding requiring row-mates to move or be jostled.

Gayle Ely

Comment on rule #11. Of course it takes a woman to remember the bathroom breaks. (Sorry Scott)


The problem is that 20+ years and a million miles of air travel experience, techniques, and maneuvers goes out the window when my family travels with me. I get totally disoriented and do things like forget the metal object in my pocket that gets me the pat-down search while my family looks at me and wonders how I survive doing this for a living.

Scott Eblin

Thanks all for the comments, stories, theories, rationales, explanations, etc. Happy to report that I'm on a trip with my wife right now and she's still speaking to me. Perhaps I'm evolving with age and experience.

Mary Utley

Loved your comments... especially since I just returned from being stuck in ORD with all the thunderstorms on a business trip without my family.
I was sitting in the Chili's ordering brunch about 10:30am since my flight was delayed again and chuckled when I overheard the comment from what appeared to be a 'business Dad' with his family say to the waiter, "Gimmi the strongest Marquarita you have."

Didn't look like the trip was off to a good start..

Mary Utley, MA PCC

Paul g friend of Doug c

12. If travelling with > 2 children make sure you book so non business spouse (usually mom) flies separately with young children

Stephanie Vance

13. If you are traveling with a business diva, you may be upgraded to First Class. Do not, I repeat, do NOT play with all the buttons, move your seat back and forth, fiddle with the light and say things like "really, the drinks are free?" Be cool.

Scott Eblin

Man, you guys are going for the jugular on this. I tried that first class move (I was upgraded but mom stayed back with the boys) about 15 years ago and it was made clear to me that I was staying in coach was not to ever try that again.

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