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October 19, 2009



Snyder not only uses his poor management ability in football but has carried out these same unsuccessful leadership and management patterns with Six Flags...oh and yes they are bankrupt.


bout time you'd get rid of campell
/the worst quarterback in the nfl/
and zorn/the worst coach in redskins history/and vinny scerrotto/just fire him!/the team would be better with out all them

Bernard F. Myers, Jr.

I AM A DIEHARD REDSKIN FAN. I agree with you 100%. I have been saying this for the past six seasons. Dan Snyder has been playing fantasy football since he got the team. He treats people like puppets and doesn't give any body a chance to grow. Every season, the Redskins looked good on paper, but the "Reality Show" that is the Washington Redskins are suffering. I don't blame Jason Campbell, Jim Zorn, or Sherman Lewis. We need an Offensive Line the will protect the Quarterback. After, the O-line, the Redskins will need an owner that will give the team a chance to gell. Mr. Snyder, along with the Media, needs to back off of Jason Campbell and Jim Zorn. GO SKINS!!!!!

Rick Goodman

I've long said that he's treating this team likes its his own expensive toy or fantasy football team. He needs to either hire a GM and EVP who knows how to run a franchise or sell it back to someone like JKC.

Snyder Stinks

Couldn't agree more. We're insulted, disheartened and feel robbed as fans. We're now doing something about it:

Executive Coach Rob

I just had a client to tell me go read Vince Lombardi's book on leadership. Hope it's still in the bookstore. I need a better idea about the correlation between winning and good leadership.

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