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June 15, 2009



Good analysis - and anyone able to analzye as well as you have ought to know that someone like Michelle Rhee can't change with the circumstances that she herself created. She's not sorry for what she's done, she's only sorry it didn't work and she's using her tired, insincere mantra to cover her ultimate demise - "I did it for the children."

Isabel Einzig-Wein

Last month I attended a Columbia University Club meeting entitled "Can the N.Y. City School System act as a model for the D.C. Schools?" Joel Klein who is the Chancellor of the N.Y. City System and Michelle Rhee had a question and answer session. Joel Kliein commented that Leadership was a necessity to school wide achievement. Apparently he is Ms. Rhee's mentor. He was very charismatic and addressed the issues pertaining to reaching the community with surveys of how the system is doing. Feedback is necessay for addressing issues. If Ms. Rhee follows his lead, hopefully she will be able to model what is required to get buy in, inspire others to recognize the needs of the students and foster, with leadership, other leaders for each school in need.
As a former educator coming from the N.Y. City system, I taught in a school with low achievement records and behavioral problems. Are teachers being given training to use "leadership presence" to connect, believe in their student, be authentic, and inspire to get their students to believe in themselves?
I am a leadership coach and see the benefits of self awareness. Coaching, mentorng and workshops addressing presence should ve considered for teachers who want to continue to feel passionate about the career they have chosen.


I love the Time cover of Rhee because it's a priceless example of "A picture's worth a thousand words." The photographer captured the essense of Michelle Rhee and the sight isn't a pretty one. I hope the TIME photographer wins a Pulitzer.

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