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May 18, 2009


Dan McCarthy

Scott –
What a fantastic piece drawing comparisons between Springsteen and great leaders! You nailed it.
He also surrounds himself with great talent and isn’t afraid to share the glory.
OK, so who’s an example of a great rock star and terrible leader? Someone that alienates his bands, can’t keep a team together, is self-indulgent, lack of vision, etc… ?

Bill Gibeault

Great Post ! I love it. Rock Your Customers ! "Work is Theatre & Every Business a Stage" (Pine & gilmore) Thnx bill

Nick D

I attended his concert on the current tour in Portland While being a fan for years , I lefted very disappointed He may develop loyalty on his team but he forgot about the customer (fan) How so?
a) Started his concert 1.15 hrs late
b) Bulk of his music was screaming his new album. He is famous for his ballads but they not sung until the last 3-4 songs

Sean Clancy


In addition to everything that you wrote...for me it's about Springsteen's' commitment. He commits to leaving every ounce of his heart and soul on the stage. Talk about leading by example. I was on the recieving end of his commitment in Boston a year and a half ago and would have followed him anywhere that night!

Barbara  Legere

I just ran across your article, its excellent.

I am a die hard Springsteen fan, have seen him 20 times (so far). I think Nils covered it quite well. One of the things that has kept me loyal to Bruce and the band all these years is his integrity as a person. Occasionally you see rumors about him but none have been true. The man is a decent human being, that says a lot for someone that made $70 million last year. Money, fame, success has not ruined him. Also - he has never sold out. You won't hear "Born to Run" on an ad for Nike's any time soon...

Excellent article!

Trish McFarlane

I really enjoyed this post. I'm a fan of the Boss, not fanatical, but I like him. I love the comparison of what he brings to his A game at each concert and how that equates to great leadership. Look forward to reading more of your blog.

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