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April 04, 2011



So tell me how to do #11...been attempting that for decades and it just isn't working.


Happy Birthday BTW! Love your column!

Mary Ramsay-Drow

My 52nd birthday today and I couldn't agree with you more. Happy Birthday -- I really enjoy reading your blog.

Leon Noone

G'Day Scott,
I'm, as they say, a tad older. I like to say that you only realize how important experience is after you've had it.

May I suggest a 51st? Make sure you have fun.

Best Wishes


Kent Wrenn

In 46 years, I've learned it's the little things that make a BIG difference.

David Sturdevant


Great post. My birthday is tomorrow and it is great to know that I have eight more years to learn all this stuff.

Happy birthday!


Jennifer V. Miller


Building on #20, I've also learned that there's very little that can't be undone or changed if I don't like it. I tend to look at big decisions as if once I make them, it's in stone and can never be tweaked. Not so! I remind myself, "so, if it doesn't work out, then we'll do something else!"

Vinay Kumar

Happy Birthday, Scott. Join the club. It's a great place to be. Welcome!


This tips are really useful.

Scott Eblin

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. Glad you liked the list. Some good additions!

Wally Bock

Happy Birthday, Scott. Revel in the learning so far and the living yet to come.

Wayne R. Prentice


Happy Birthday,hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends! BTW, #13- "Don’t beat yourself up", sounds great but is difficult to practice if you are conscientious.

Rod Johnson

Scott - Happy Birthday

Here a few that keep me focused and now sliding into #56.

It's the little things stupid that will get you in trouble - it's amazing how the little things trip up leaders and get them into big trouble.

Your toughest race is always the one you're doing - somehow problems don't seem all that difficult once they've been solved.

I will be remembered more by how I handle adversity than how I handle success - pretty simple idea thats been proven over and over again - yet so easy to overlook.

Congrats on #50

Mary K

This is from a TBI patient:
"Stop wanting something different than the life you have. We are whole, no matter the deficits, and there is more right with us than there is wrong."

Dianne Rankin

Happy Birthday,Scott! Recommend two things you might want to consider-50 is the new 30 and the best is always yet to come.:-)

Simple Chief

Great post, thank you. I especially like 9, Routines are Powerful. Indeed. Put enough positive routines in place and good things just "start to happen", almost magically.


Hi Scott, good list.

It took me many years to realise that, in professional services, the best marketer wins!

But, even more important, that it was much better for your business if you had a distinct purpose or credo. Here is mine at:

Thanks again for the list.

Keep up the good work.


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