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March 21, 2011


Camille Macchio

Scott, your post couldn't have been more timely as I was thinking about this article just this morning. I resist new technology only to find myself eventually succumbing to it. Of course by the time I give in, the next generation of tools and methods is out and the procrastination sets in again. Well, I've decided it's time to stop with the procrastination, since email has now entered the endangered species too. I'm finally going to start texting, yes, that's right "start". I know I'm a bit late,but better late than never, right?

Scott Eblin

Hey Camille

Give yourself some credit! You're a regular commenter on a blog. Not many are doing that!



Leon Noone

G'Day Scott,
I'm reminded of that wonderful quote from John Wooden; "It's what you learn after you know it all that counts."

And Mark Twain said,"It aint what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just aint so."

Three things, not two, are certain in life: death, taxes and learning .And most learning occurs without schools, teachers mentors, curricula, courses and objectives.

Use whatever technology works best. Of course, to do this, we have to know precisely the performance we want our "learner" to demonstrate. That's another story

Make sure you have fun.




It's not research, but Khan Academy has worked with several school teachers would have flipped the learning method. In essence, students watch the lectures online at night and do the homework assignments in front of the teacher during school. Definitely a disruption from past methods teaching.


Scott, I believe in the point the current technology and internet is really changing the way one learns new skills. I could see that in my own kids. My 3 year old is pretty good at using my smart phone to play games and to make calls. It's a matter of exposure one gets to the latest technology and facilities, and also the environment where they are in what makes the person is. Thanks.

Paul Nicholas

Hi Scott,
This is really interesting - thanks. We've come a long way from Marshall McLuhan and the Gutenberg Galaxy (didn't McLuhan say "We shape our tools and then they shape us"?)but modern neuroscience is now providing the evidence that the tools, techniques and technoloigies we use to communicate DO change the way we think - the very hardwiring of our brains! And there's some fascinating stuff coming out on neuronal coupling - how our brains literally as well as metaphorically "tune in" with each other.

Scott Eblin

Hi Paul

Thanks for sharing the great McLuhan quote and for the heads up on the neuronal coupling research. Going to Google that right now!



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