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January 12, 2011



Another way would be to count man-hours, with possible conversions to man-weeks and FTEs. I think people tend to look at meetings as a time resource issue. You could break it down to staff-hours and supervisor-hours. You could do both man-hours and $$ counts.

Kathy Bernhard

Scott,--while I'm not sure that the "budget" concept is all that practical, I do think the idea of publicly sharing those kind of statistics could make people think twice about calling meetings. Never underestimate the power of peer pressure and competition!

John Howard Hatfield

I had two rules when I was in senior management. (1)Meetings could last no longer than 1 hour. When rule #1 was in danger of being abused, I came up with rule (2)No chairs are allowed in the meeting room. Of course rule #2 was waived for small group working meetings where it was necessary for chairs to be employed but rule #1 was still enforced.

Raj Menon

Scott, I think the meeting budget idea is definitely doable and why wouldnt it be practical? Organizations are always trying to optimize planning through budgeting, trying to increase productivity, employing PM tools to trackets buckets of time spent by employees (which includes meeting time under Administrative hours usually); why wouldnt more focus on effort/cost of meetings though such a method as you have suggested, be beneficial? Yes, it would take more planning time but it doesnt hurt. It think it is brilliant! I think it is in dire need today. I say we go for it.

Scott Eblin

Hi Jay, Kathy, Howard and Raj -

Thanks for the provocative comments and ideas. Love the differing POV's and the little debate we have going on here. Good stuff!

Cheers -



A co-worker of mine toured one of the Toyota production facilities in Japan. He said they have ticker boards in their meeting rooms that tally up the cost of the meetings based on who's in the room.

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