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March 24, 2010


Dan (Leadership Freak)


It might help to have cool music playing in the back ground. :-)

Seriously, I'll add that others are motivated if they understand that their leaders are putting their own skin in the game.

Additionally, demonstrating progress is the greatest motivator of all. I wrote about the power of progress at

Thanks for a great article.


Dan Rockwell
Leadership Freak

Skip Weisman

Great article. Obama does have a talent for oration, setting the stage and rallying the troops around a cause they already believe in.

I was fortunate early in my consulting career to work with a leader of a small insurance agency that was located in the middle of a community that was hit hard by an economic downturn. The community's largest business that had occupied the tallest building in town had shut down two years earlier.

I coached my client to develop a speech to his 12 employees before we embarked on a team and personal development program in which he set the vision for building the practice to a level where it would someday take over that landmark building.

He had some long time employees crying inspirational tears. After five years, the company isn't there yet, but their team is still a very tight, cohesive staff growing revenues and hiring slowly and steadily.

I'm proud to have been a part of that project and to have helped set the stage. If I had your outline above it would have been even better. Thanks for sharing it.

Larry Cashman

I am an unemployed, uninsured American. I wanted to thank Congress and especially President Obama for his dedication to doing the right thing for folks like us.

Nirmala Selvam

Thank you for the great article. I am involved in some amount of social activism that includes leading/motivating professional teams to make that extra effort for the larger good of humanity. Your article will help the leaders working on the social issues.

Jean E Puypalat

it's not Agincourt but Azincourt (a frenchman)

Randy Mayeux

Nice post. I love the Henry V speech by Branagh. Don't forget the great locker room speech by Al Pacino from Any Given Sunday, with the truest line I have ever heard: "That's what livin' is -- the six inches in front of your face."
Here's the link:

Randy Mayeux

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