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April 15, 2009


Barry Goldberg

I appreciate your courage using Idol, Scott. I cannot tell you how often I wish I could use Jean-Luc Piccard (or the scripts written for him) as leadership and mentoring examples.

So- are you going to take on the judges and how to give feedback as well? Think that you can get Simon to lay off the sarcasm?

Camille Macchio

Unlike the judges on American Idol, in some instances, feedback isn't specific enough to act on change. One suggestion would be to ask the person providing the feedback a couple of clarifying questions. For example, "can you give me an example of a time when my (fill in the blank - behavior, attitude, presentation, etc.)wasn't the best it could be?" A followup question would be to ask for a suggestion on how best to move forward.


Excellent stuff here. I would add to the list, don't take the feedback personally. Just because someone is criticizing you doesn't mean he or she thinks you're horrible at your job or whatever you happen to be doing. On "Idol," the judges give feedback to encourage and advise. They want the singers to do well. Singers who get negative feedback should keep in mind that the judges are trying to help, not harm.

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